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  Catalog -> Podjama & Les Gnawa de Marrakech

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Podjama & Les Gnawa de Marrakech


  Podjama & Les Gnawa de Marrakech

Malem Mahjoub Khalmous: Guembri, Voice, Tabal
Jean-Philippe Zwahlen: Guitars, Bendir
Claude Schneider: Mandoline, Guitar
Hassan At Hmitti: Qraqech, Voice
Ahmed Sadik el Moubarik: Qraqech, Voice, Tabal
Anne-Florence Schneider: voice
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These Black healer musicians of Morocco called Gnawa were brought there hundreds of years ago from Sub-Sahara Africa as slaves and also used as soldiers. They are master musicians who believe that everyone has a color and a note to which he or she vibrates. Each individual responds to his or her choosen color and note as the healer musicians play the guembre (a kind of three strings acoustic bass). The qraqeb, which resemble castanets, are used to heighten the effect of the guembri. In public, the drum, called Tabal, a large round instrument, is added for effect. It is worthwile to note that the Gnawa rhythms can be heard in other forms of modern music, most typically in the blues, jazz,calypso, latin and brazilian music...


Po-Djama manages to create a most interesting and delicate musical patchwork. It delves into folds of jazz, and loiters around, but ever so gently, into the works of songwriters. It manipulates two or three roch chords, or even borrows some or other oriental theme. It is, in short, the precision work of the finest goldsmith, requiring an uncanny ability to weld together the most unexpected musical materials.

CD Tracks

01. Intro (Jean-Philippe Zwahlen)
02. Entre Deux Mondes / Ya Banya (Fabienne Radi-Maitre/Claude Schneider/Trad.)
03. La Langue des Routes / Lala Mimouna (Pierre Fankhauser/Jean-Philippe Zwahlen/Trad.)
04. A Corps Perdu / Allah Moulana (Fabienne Radi-Maitre/Claude Schneider/Trad.)
05. Perdu Mon Âme (P. Fankhauser/J-Ph. Zwahlen)
06. Bow / Tschalaba (J-Ph. Zwahlen/Trad.)
07. Diri Chei (F. Radi-Maitre/Cl. Schneider)
08. Bangoro (Trad.)
09. Jema el Flon (Jean-Philippe Zwahlen)
10. Extro (Jean-Philippe Zwahlen)
Label: Altrisuoni
Producer: J-Ph. Zwahlen
Executive Producer: R. Nardelli, C. Gilardi, S. Franchini
Recorded at: Studio du Flon
Sound Engineer: Benoît Corboz
Digital Mastering: Michel Dupuis
Graphic Design: Fatiha Ben Moussa
Photo: Nicolas Wintsch, Omar
Financial Support: Pro Helvetia, la Ville de Lausanne, Le Canton de Vaud, le département des affaires culturelles du Canton de Fribourg
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