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You Don't Have To Move If It Ain't Got That Groove - D. Ellington
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Simon Spang-Hanssen Quartet



Yves Torchinsky: bass
François Laizeau: drums, percussion
Simon Spang-Hanssen: tenor sax
Frank Tortiller: vibraphon, marimba
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BATA is the capitol of Equatorial Guinée, where I celebrated my 40th birthday, while touring Central Africa in duo with French pianist/composer Denis Badault. The theme occurred while I was warming up for a concert in Yaoundé a few days before. NOCTIFLORE means flowering at night, musicians often do. The present world is in need of an ANTIDOTE, and it is certainly TIME TO CHANGE. Meanwhile I enjoy immensely the music of Mali which inspired RAINBOW REED, as well that of Brasil; PORTO ALLEGRE is not only the city of important international conventions and social experiment, but also the birthplace of my friend Nené Baterista. French singer/songwriter Georges Brassens was very eloquent about LA MAUVAISE REPUTATION (The Bad Reputation), of which many have unjustly suffered. To one of my many favourite composers I wrote SONG FOR SILVER. While MINOR INCIDENT's occur frequently, SMOKE SIGNALS are becoming more rare.

CD Tracks

01. Bata Birthday (Simon Spang-Hanssen)
02. Noctiflore (Simon Spang-Hanssen)
04. Time to Change (Simon Spang-Hanssen)
05. Rainbow Reed (Simon Spang-Hanssen)
06. Porto Alegre (Simon Spang-Hanssen)
09. Minor Incident (Simon Spang-Hanssen)
08. Song for Silver (Simon Spang-Hanssen)
10. Smoke Signals (Simon Spang-Hanssen)
03. Antidote (Simon Spang-Hanssen)
07. La mauvaise reputation (Georges Brassens)
Label: Altrisuoni
Producer: Altrisuoni
Executive Producer: Altrisuoni
Recorded at: Studio Aladin, Paris 15-16 Oct. 2003/18 Dec. 2003
Sound Engineer: Roger Deroeux
Digital Mastering: Poul Reimann
Cover Art: Flavia Leuenberger
Graphic Design: Flavia Leuenberger
Photo: Philippe Cibille
Financial Support: KODA
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