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Das Hammerklavier Trio


  Now I Know Who Shot J.F.K.

Philipp Steen: Bass Violin
Kai Bussenius: drums
Boris Netsvetaev: piano
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Code: AS233
Das Hammerklavier Trio is a young band from Hamburg, Germany. The German word “das Hammerklavier” is the former name of what is known today as the grand piano, a percussive instrument with a wide range of different sounds and dynamics. It’s also an ironic way of telling that this band is a kind of superb. breitling navitimer replica
It is not easy to find an exact description for the musical style of “Das Hammerklavier Trio” due to the many different influences it has within. Based strongly on the jazz heritage of Thelonius Monk and John Coltrane, the music of “Das Hammerklavier Trio” uses elements of other jazz and non-jazz styles including classical, funk, African, oriental and more recent electronic sounds, albeit the latter is not present on this CD. “Das Hammerklavier Trio” is an interactive band whose members are seriously into the so called “extended play” concept. Using simple structured tunes, improvising on them freely with a great attention for each other, breaking out from time to time the musicians of this trio make those tunes grow into a format of complex multipart compositions.

“Das Hammerklavier Trio” was founded in the spring of 2002 around the pianist and composer Boris Netsvetaev. Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, where he received a solid classical education, Boris Netsvetaev moved to Germany in 1996 to proceed with his jazz studies and to make new musical experiences. Soon he found himself working with various musicians from Germany and abroad. He performed on stage together with Herb Geller, Lew Soloff, John Marshall, Keith Copeland, Franco Ambrosetti and Danny Gottlieb among others. The most remarkable is his collaboration with the US drummer Steve Reid. As a pianist and later the keyboard player of the Steve Reid Ensemble he made several recordings in Germany, Sweden, UK and Senegal including the both last celebrated releases “Spirit Walk” (Souljazz, 2005) and “Daxaar” (Domino, 2007). On the both recordings Boris Netsvetaev is acting as a musical director as well.

The other members of “Das Hammerklavier Trio” are great musicians with rich talent and vast experience in performing. The bassist Philipp Steen, who studied jazz at the Hamburg Music and Theatre Academy along with other “Hammerklavier” musicians, has played together with Bud Shank, Herb Geller, Lew Soloff, Bobby Shew, John Marshall, John Schröder, Gary Campbell, David Gazarov, Danny Gottlieb and Geoff Keezer. The drummer Kai Bussenius has played drums since his early childhood. After he graduated from the Hamburg Music Academy, he received the DAAD scholarship to continue his education at the Queens College in New York. He performed on stage together with Dave Liebman, Herb Geller, Lew Soloff, John Abercrombie, Kenny Wheeler and Wolfgang Schlüter.

Besides its own activities “Das Hammerklavier Trio” has also worked as a rhythm section together with Herb Geller, Wolfgang Schlüter and has been engaged to perform with Billy Harper too.


Das Hammerklavier Trio ist eine junge deutsche Musikformation aus Hamburg. Das Wort Hammerklavier war ursprünglich die erste Bezeichnung des heutigen Flügels, das heisst ein Perkussionsinstrument mit einer weiten Klangsmöglichkeit und Dynamik. Gleichzeitig ist eine ironische Art diese Formation als Superlativ zu benennen. Es ist nicht so einfach eine genaue Stylrichtung für das Hammerklavier Trio zu definieren, insbesondere wegen der verschiedensten Styleinflüsse. Sicher ist die Stylrichtung dieser Formation mit dem Jazz Erbgut von Thelonious Monk und John Coltrabe eng verbunden, aber auch andere Stylrichtungen sind hier vertreten wie: non-jazz, klassische Musik, funk, Afromusik, orientalische und nicht zu letzt auch elektronische Klänge. Diese Musikformation ist schlicht eine "interactive band" und die einzelnen Musiker sind tief in dem sogenannten "extended play" Lagekonzept tätig. Es werden für die "tunes" einfache Musikstrukturen benützt, darüber freien Improvisationen durch eine sorgfältige gegenseitige Aufmerksamkeit für jeden Mitglieder getätigt, von Zeit zu Zeit auch "atmend", und somit diese "tunes" zu einer komplexen multivalenten Kompositionen wachsen zu lassen.

CD Tracks

01. Crazy eights (Boris Netsvetaev)
02. The NecessityOf An Escape (Boris Netsvetaev)
03. Intermezzo (S. Prokofiev)
04. Bloodcount (Billy Strayhorn)
05. The Question Of Today (Boris Netsvetaev)
06. Some Strangers In Our Galaxy (Boris Netsvetaev)
07. I Know Who Shot J.F.K. (Boris Netsvetaev)
Label: Altrisuoni
Producer: Boris Netsvetaev
Executive Producer: Altrisuoni
Recorded at: Jazzclub Birdland, Hamburg
Sound Engineer: Jens Biegemeier
Digital Mastering: Jens Biegemeier
Cover Art: Alessia Padovan, Lugano
Graphic Design: Alessia Padovan, Lugano
Photo: Steven Haberland
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